My spiritual life use to exhaust me

I had to be positive at all times, no matter what, or else I would attract in the most dreadful things.

I had to be mindful that every personal affirmation was extremely specific and all encompassing or I may not attract in exactly what I wanted. Then I had to remember to incessantly parrot my desires throughout each day. 

My energetic vibration had to be as high as a kite, otherwise there was the danger that my consciousness would cease expanding and I would fall into fear and attract in negativity.

My chakras needed to be spinning at top speed at all times in order for the mind, body and spirit to be fully vibrant lest I experience trapped, stale energy which would eventually manifest in a terminal illness.

My aura always had to be gloriously bright and so huge that it arrived around corners before I did. How would those unconscious around me  awaken if I was anything less than a dazzling light? 

My third eye was never ever be allowed to become cloudy or worse still – closed. Without it fully functioning how else would I know psychic information in order to help myself and others spiritually transcend?

My superior energy field constantly had to be protected with rituals and visualisations to prevent lower entities leaching from my brilliance and dulling my vibe. 

I was trapped in the exhaustion of new age spirituality for many years, involved in way more practices than the examples listed above.

I believed myself awakened and special since my psychic knowledge and healing abilities proved very real and impressed friends and clients.

Growing up I had always had a fascination for anything mystical and so later on, the new age spiritual movement with its many intriguing options felt just perfect for me.

I got initiated into Reiki (a form of psychic healing therapy) and from that day on I ingested more and more spiritual junk, falling further and further away from God although I did not realise this at the time. I foolishly thought He was pleased with my spiritual lifestyle.

Only when Jesus saved me from it all did I realise just how stressful chasing after false spirituality really is.

Any anxieties or “imbalances” of a new ager have to be alleviated with yet more fallacious practices and rituals.

And so the cycle of guile goes. 

It is an evil snare that ultimately leads eternal souls into hell. 

Satan is the governing force behind new age spirituality and any other spiritual path which is not of the Saviour of the world, Jesus. 

New age spirituality pushes counterfeit love, light, peace, freedom and healing which all allegedly can be accessed “within.”  

New age spirituality glorifies the self. 

In Christ we glory HIM!

The happiest time of my life was when I exchanged spiritual lies for spiritual truth … darkness for AUTHENTIC light.

My eternal soul is now safe in the hands of Christ Jesus.

The world may be challenging and harsh but Jesus is my secure foundation no matter what goes down.

I praise the Lord for mercifully rescuing all those from spiritual deception when they have called upon Him with a genuine heart!

Jesus said …

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12).

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